How to buy Bitcoin in India using wazirx exchange

Written by Sushanth Kumar Reddy Kura | Published 2 years ago | 6 min read


Recently, Bitcoin has been gaining a lot of attention in India and also around the world. With the supreme court lifting banking ban on cryptocurrencies set by RBI, Cyptomarket is booming in India.

So, everyone has been showing interest in buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In this Blog I will give a clear cut explanation on how to buy bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in India using INR with the help of Wazirx exchange, which is considered as India's most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Follow these steps to make your first Bitcoin purchase or any other Cryptocurrency Purchase and be a part of this revolutionary system:

Step 1 : 

Click Here to Download the Wazirx app in the App store or Play store and verify your account by submitting the necessary documents.

Your account will be verified within a few hours.

Step 2 : 

Open the Wazirx app navigate to the funds sections by clicking the funds icon in the bottom and then click on INR as shown in Figure 1 

fig 1


Figure 1

Step 3 : 

Now click on the deposit button as shown in Figure 2

fig 2

Figure  2

Step 4 : 

Now choose instant deposit or standard deposit option as shown in Figure 3.

I personally prefer the standard deposit option as the instant deposit will cost you some extra bucks.

Even the standard deposit is pretty fast, it just takes a few minutes to deposit.

fig 3

Figure 3

Step 5 : 

Now copy these bank account details and transfer the amount to it.

After you are done with the transferring of money, click on Add transfer details as shown Figure 4

fig 4

Figure 4

Step 6 : 

Now add the transfer details and click on submit as shown in Figure 5

If you have any doubts regarding the 12 digit reference id refer to Figure 6

( Basically you will receive a reference id in your messages whenever you do a transaction. You can also find it in the bank statement.)

fig 5

Figure 5

Figure 6

Step 7 : 

After you have added the transfer details, money will be deposited in your Wazirx account in a few minutes. 

You can check them on funds section

Now navigate to the markets section in the bottom of the page and then go to the INR section which is present on the top.

This particular page will consist of Bitcoin price, Wazirx coin price or any cryptocurrency price in INR.

Now select the coin you want to buy. In our case we are buying Bitcoin. So, click on the Btc/Inr as shown in Figure 7

fig 7

Figure  7

Step 8 : 

Now in the green colored buy section select the amount of money you want to invest in and then click buy as shown in Figure 8.

Your order will be matched instantly.

fig 8

Figure 8

Step 9 : 

Now you are a proud owner of Bitcoin !!!

To see your funds navigate to the funds section  as shown in Figure 9

You can see your bitcoin balance there. Your INR balance is also displayed.

fig 9

Figure  9

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