Transfer Your Tokens From Wazirx To Binance With Zero Fee

Written by Sushanth Kumar Reddy Kura | Published 2 years ago | 3 min read


Wazirx is India’s largest and most popular exchange founded by Nischal Shetty, Sameer Mhatre, and Siddharth Menon exchange. It is also the most used cryptocurrency exchange in India and contains every good token that you could imagine. If you want to learn more about WazirX click here.

After 20 months of building India’s biggest and most trusted exchange, Wazirx was acquired by Binance. Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with the highest trading volume and many exciting features.

Due to this partnership, WazirX and Binance bought a new feature where you can directly transfer your tokens from WazirX to Binance with Zero Fee.

The following tokens can be transferred from WazirX to Binance directly from the mobile application itself

As of today 27th December 2020 only $Bitcoin, $Ethereum and $WRX can be transferred from WazirX to Binance. The rest will be enabled as soon as possible.

How to transfer tokens from WazirX to Binance?

1. Open your WazirX mobile application and click on the Funds section

step 1 of wazirx to binance

2. Click on the token which you want to transfer. In this case, I am transferring $WRX

step 2 of wazirx to binance

3. Click on Withdraw as shown below

step 3 wazirx to binace

4. Click on Binance as shown below

step 4 wazirx to binance

5) Enter the amount you want to transfer and then click on the transfer button. A pop-up will appear asking for your authentication code. Enter the code then your tokens will get transferred from WazirX to Binance.

step 5 wazirx to binance

A Quick Overview on Wazirx ($WRX)

Quick overview of wazirx

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