What is B21 Invest ? A Quick Overview

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are in a strong run lately. Financial institutions and High net worth individuals are showing massive interest in Bitcoin as they see it as a strong asset. Slowly retail investors are following the same path. There is no doubt that Bitcoin will keep outperforming other assets for the next few years as it is backed by strong fundamentals.

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But investing in Bitcoin has been a tough task lately. When we download an Application to invest in Crypto we find it quite complicated and we can’t even identify whether it is regulated or not. These applications usually consist of charts, indicators, different order types, etc. which are not that necessary for an investor who wants to hold their assets for the long term and these are more focused on traders.

According to research, People who invest make more money than traders in the long run as the investments tend to compound highly as time passes. Also, trading is very stressful and needs daily attention whereas investment is completely stressless and definitely, daily attention is not at all required.

So if you are looking for a crypto investment platform, this is where B21 Invest comes into play. B21 Crypto investment application is safe and very simple to use. No charts, no indicators, and no complicated processes involved to buy cryptocurrencies. It has a clean interface which just shows the amount which we invested and the percentage of profit or loss. To be frank even some major exchanges don’t have this feature which shows the profit or loss percentage. 

Also the multi-coin, multi-exchange trade engine of B21 connects to multiple exchanges and finds the best price to execute the trade, which is really amazing.

Currently, B21 Invest is live in 82 countries and as of now the application supports 8 cryptocurrencies which include the following :

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

  2. Ethereum (ETH)

  3. EOS (EOS)

  4. Dash (DASH)

  5. Litecoin (LTC)

  6. Tether (USDT)

  7. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  8. B21 (Native Token Of B21 Invest)

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Crypto Cards from B21 Invest

B21 is also coming up with some international Visa crypto cards using which you can actually spend cryptocurrencies for your daily needs. You can load up the cards with crypto directly from the application itself which is amazing. You can also earn up to $300 in B21 rewards when you buy these cards. 

B21 is currently offering 3 types of cards :

1. B21 Teal Visa

  • Price: $210
  • Card Limit: $1000
  • Security Deposit: $200
  • B21 Token Reward: $50

2. B21 Gold Visa

  • Price: $500
  • Card Limit: $5000
  • Security Deposit: $1000
  • B21 Token Reward: $100

3. B21 Black Visa

  • Price: $1000
  • Card Limit: $25000
  • Security Deposit: $5000
  • B21 Token Reward: $300

Some interesting features of B21 Invest Platform

1. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager allows you to set your own portfolio according to your interest like 25% BTC, 25% ETH, etc as shown in the image below. Once you customize your portfolio you can directly invest in it. Your investment will be distributed among tokens that we specified earlier in the respected amounts. This is one of the best features that I have seen in any investment platform so far. 

B21 invest page

2. Equity markets (Upcoming)

B21 invest is also bringing Global equity markets to its application which is definitely one of a kind. Especially no other application in India is planning to bring this feature. This will enable the management of stocks and crypto at the same place.

3. Systematic Investment Plan (Upcoming)

B21 team also said that they are planning to bring SIP or Systematic Investment Plan to crypto just like we do with mutual funds in the stock market. By doing SIP in high-cap currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc we will not have to worry about what price to buy, how much to buy when to buy, etc. I personally know many who are waiting for a major dip in bitcoin which is not going to happen in my opinion. 

So instead of waiting for a dip we can invest equal amounts of money every month and create a well-balanced portfolio with the help of B21 invest.

$B21 Token

B21 Token

B21 is the utility token of the B21 invest platform. It is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token that is used for various purposes like distributing rewards to exclusive users, as the base for all transaction fees and many more utilities will be introduced in the near future as promised by the team.

By holding 300 or more B21 tokens in your wallet you can become a VIP member through which you can enjoy low transaction fees. Currently, if you are looking to buy B21, it is listed on the major exchanges likes Bitfinex, Hotbit and you can also purchase it from their native B21 invest application.


B21 Invest is a crypto investment platform founded by Nitin Agarwal. He has been in the crypto space since 2013 and he was part of the crypto-linked debit card project aka Bitcoin debit card where they had 1 Million users and over 2 Billion in volume. This itself speaks a lot about him.

The main mission of B21 is to bring crypto-asset investment mainstream with a focus on retail investors. As we know crypto exchanges in today’s world are pretty hard to use and newbie investors take a lot of time to understand it and sometimes even lose a lot of money in the process of trying it out. B21 wants to makes this process simple allowing a newbie to easily enter the crypto space.

B21 managed to raise a whopping amount of 2.1 Million dollars in its seed round. They are working on lots of interesting features and want to make their App a go-to crypto investment platform. By the way, if you are wondering 

what does B21 stand for ? 

  • B represents Bitcoin and Blockchain

  • 21 represents the 21st century and 21 Million Bitcoins which is the Max supply. 

A Quick Overview On B21 Invest Platform

A Quick Overview of B21 Invest

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