What is Crypto Dust ? How to convert it using WazirX ?

Written by Sushanth Kumar Reddy Kura | Published 2 years ago | 4 min read


In Crypto, space dust refers to a small amount of leftover tokens or coins. These are so small that users sometimes may not even notice them. As dust is very a negligible amount, It cannot be traded or converted into some other cryptocurrency.

For example, You can consider 0.00000001 BTC or 1 Satoshi left (up to 1000 Satoshi) in your account as a speck of dust because you cannot trade it, As the most number of exchanges have a condition that minimum trade should be of 5$ or 10$. In short, any coins or tokens leftover in your account that are lower than the transaction fee can be called Dust. 

Almost everyone who trades cryptocurrencies will have some crypto dust left in their account which they cannot withdraw or trade. Good exchanges like WazirX helps you to convert this dust into the native token of the exchange - $WRX (the native token of the WazirX exchange). By converting it into $WRX you can hodl it or you can even use it to pay the trading fee. Currently, WazirX offers a 50% discount on the trading fees if you pay using $WRX.

Convert your Crypto dust into $WRX using WazirX Exchange

Here are the steps to convert your crypto dust into a $WRX token in WazirX Exchange:

Step-1: Open WazirX application and go to settings.

step 1 of converting crypto dust to WRX

Step-2: Click on Convert Crypto Dust

step-2 of converting crypto dust to WRX

Step-3: If there is any crypto dust left in your exchange wallet it will be displayed here. For example, in this case, we can see that small amounts of  BTC, GNT, and USDT are available. By clicking on select all, All the small balances will be selected. Click on convert to initiate the conversion process.

step-3 of converting crypto dust to WRX

Step-4: Once you click on convert, the amount of $WRX that you will receive upon conversion will be displayed. Click on confirm to receive the $WRX in your account. 

step-4 of converting crypto dust to WRX

That's it !! All your previously unusable dust will be converted into $WRX.

Quick Overview on WazirX ($WRX)

Quick overview of wazirx

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