What is Frontier DeFi application ? How to use it ?

Written by Sushanth Kumar Reddy Kura | Published 2 years ago | 8 min read


Frontier, in short, can be called a chain- agnostic DeFi aggregator i.e. it brings the DeFi services together from different protocols to a single application allowing users to seamlessly interact with everything from one place.

Using Frontier users can just import their wallets like Metamask, Trustwallet, etc, and participate in activities like liquidity provision, best-asset swapping, staking, portfolio tracking, etc all this using a single application. Frontier allows any web-3 mobile wallet which supports EIP-681 to interact with all of Frontier’s native integrations.

You can currently monitor your activity on various DeFi apps like Compound, Maker, Aave, Synthetix, Uniswap, Curve, Balancer, etc. More protocols will be added to the Frontier as the DeFi ecosystem grows.

Here is a clear view of Chains, Protocols, Platforms, and Staking currently supported by the Frontier application.

Frontier Supported list

$FRONT Token

$FRONT is the native token of the Frontier and has the following use-cases :

1. Staking on Frontier Chain

By staking $FRONT on the Frontier Chain you can earn rewards as well as you will be securing the network. The Frontier Chain is basically a decentralized key management chain. So, as the number of people staking $FRONT increases parallelly the security of the network increases.

2. Gasless Transactions

When you lock your $FRONT tokens inside the Frontier vault you will get access to make near-free transactions.

3. Frontier Incentivization Protocol

In this protocol, you can earn $FRONT rewards based on the amount of activity that you are doing in the Frontier application.

4. Governance

$gFRONT will be used as a governance token for the Frontier ecosystem using which users can vote on the Frontier chain regarding any proposal that the team launches. This helps in taking any important decisions regarding Frontier in a decentralized way.

5. Liquidity Provision

Frontier will use $FRONT to bootstrap liquidity for various decentralized protocols and platforms. Users will be earning some yield or in simple words interest by supplying $FRONT tokens to pools.

How to use the Frontier DeFi application?

Step-1: Download Frontier application on Playstore and Appstore.

Step-2: You will be taken to the following screen. Click on proceed.

Frontier DeFi landing page

Step-3: You will be taken to the following page. You can import a wallet, create a multichain wallet or you can just give your wallet address to just watch and manage your assets.

Frontier DeFi wallet page

Step-4: For now I will just give you a demo on how to track and your assets on an ERC-20 wallet. This app will definitely impress you in the first few minutes of using it. Click on watch and manage. Paste your wallet address and give the name of the wallet for your reference. Then click on Watch.

Frontier DeFi wallet adding

Step-5: You can see all your assets in the wallet are shown in a perfect and clean manner. This interface makes your portfolio tracking easy.

Frontier DeFi metamask wallet

Step-6: You can also trade inside the app itself if you import the wallet. You can go to the trade section by clicking on the trade icon at the bottom of the screen.

Frontier DeFi Trade feature

Step-7: By clicking on the app's icon you will be taken to the DeFi apps section where you can seamlessly access top DeFi protocols like Aave, Compound Finance, Yearn Finance, etc.

Frontier feature

Step-8: You can also stake your assets like $MATIC etc directly from the app itself by navigating to the staking section.

Frontier  stake

Step-9: The best part and my personal favorite feature about the Frontier application is that you can watch all your transaction history in a very well structured manner by just clicking on the history icon. You can also watch the history of the transactions for each coin separately.

Frontier DeFI

Step-10: There is also a feature to view all your NFT’S from different platforms like Rarible etc in one place.

Frontier  DeFi


Frontier is a must-have application for everyone who wants to access DeFi seamlessly from a single place. It makes it absolutely easy to track your assets in wallets like Metamask, Trustwallet, etc. The fact that you can access protocols like Compound, Aave, etc, and also make transactions all just through a single app is mind-blowing. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. I personally found this app astonishing and I always have been recommending this wallet to each and every friend who is into the DeFi space. The best part is you are being rewarded with $FRONT tokens just to use the Frontier application.

Click here to visit the official website of Frontier

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